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Bespoke Solutions

Whatever your project, whatever your budget, whatever the challenges, eau coolers will jump through hoops, bend over backwards, move heaven and earth and simply just do our upmost to help with a bespoke solution. We specialise in creative solutions to difficult problems and our customer care is second to none.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can cause lots of problems for water coolers and drinking fountains. We can offer simple, economic answers to this problem in the shape of a self-contained, easy to use, easy to handle and fully automatic pressure boost unit. 

Personal Brading

Strong branding is important for any business and we offer a few tips and advice on how branding your water cooler may be just the thing you are looking for to make an impact in todays ever changing world.

Hydration Station

For a completely different approach to water coolers and water dispensing in offices and show rooms look no further than the Borg & Overström B5 Hydration Station. This unique and flexible approach to providing water to staff or / and customers provides all the right answers. Chilled, ambient, hot and sparkling combinations are available to suit any need you may have.

Bottle Filling Stations

Tough solutions for tough problems. Our extra strong bottle filling stations allow easy filling of all types of sports bottles plus giving the option of drinking direct via the heavy duty bubbler tap. Services hidden from view. These water coolers are great in busy stressful water dispensing areas.

Rhino water coolers

The Rhino breed is now a classic heavy duty water cooler that offers 5 year warranty on the vandal proof bubbler and vandal proof glass filler taps. Chilled and non chilled Rhino versions in full adult height or low height Junior variants.


We have a wide range of water dispensers that will help gain BREEAM accreditations. From simple effective water coolers to extra heavy duty models. BREEAM water coolers. Speak to us directly for help and guidance.

Private Supplies

Private drinking water supplies are water supplies which are not provided by the statutory water undertaker, but are the responsibility of their owners and users.

The quality of private water supplies can be variable. Some have adequate treatment and are well managed, but others undoubtedly present a risk to health due to the quality of the water. Private Water Supply Filtration Units. For free technical advice contact us now.

Drinks Boilers

We have a large range of special boilers designed for home and commercial use, under-sink use, stadium use and even trains to supply instant boiling hot drinking water for a variety of specific purposes.

For free technical or sales advice on any of these exciting products and services in water dispensers give us a call now!

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