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Drinking water for health


drinking more water improves healthPure drinking water is fundamental for survival – and fantastic for the health.

  • Make a priority of drinking water that’s as clean and fresh as possible and reap the benefits:
  • Water keeps skin moist and supple. It detoxifies the system, has anti-ageing properties and carries essential nutrients to the cells.
  • Water helps weight loss by taking the edge off appetite so you eat less.
  • Water is essential after exercise, helping cool the body and replenish muscles, ready for the gym again tomorrow.
  • Water cushions joints, protects organs and removes waste from the body.
  • Beware of soft drinks, tea and coffee. They dry out the system, sometimes removing more water than they put in.
  • Dehydration leads to headaches, tiredness and, over time, weary skin and poor renal function.


Did you know? You can live for a month without food yet only a few days without water – make it your priority!


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