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Drinking water for energy  

drinking more water increases energyFresh, chilled drinking water boosts performance and wellbeing. Give your life extra sparkle: 

  • Being thirsty makes us tired and irritable. Getting thirsty is the body’s way of telling us we have lost a mere 1% of the water we need to function properly – drinking water is vital to give us energy.
  • Staff, pupils, patients – everyone has the energy to do better if they drink enough pure, clean water.
  • Water  makes up most fluids that travel through the body, carrying nutrients to cells and organs. The brain, heart, liver, eyes, intestines and even ears needs water-based fluids to survive. Without water we can’t work properly – diminishing performance and productivity.
  • Water is crucial for our metabolism. Breathing, digestion, glandular activities and regulating body temperature are effective only when there is enough water in the body. To be on top form you need to drink water!
  • Water is essential after exercise, helping cool the body and replenish muscles, ready for the gym again tomorrow. 



Did you know? You can live for a month without food yet only a few days without water – make it your priority!


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