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Water Cooler, drinking fountain, under sink chiller breakdown


installationIs your water cooler / drinking fountain breakdown giving you a thirsty headache?

As with any electrical or plumbing item your water cooler can be subject to the occasional breakdown and this can be 'eau' so frustrating when all you want is a nice glass of chilled water.

eau coolers stock parts from all leading manufacturers of water coolers, drinking fountains and hot drinks boilers ~ Oasis, Borg & Overstrom, Cosmetal, Zerica, Zip, Samsung, Cem, Sodastream Professional, Instanta, Marco, Heatrae Sadia to name but a few.

eau coolers can supply a knowledgeable engineer to fit those parts for you or you can repair the water cooler yourself DIY but then the work is not guaranteed.

Sadly, sometimes machines can be beyond economical repair and if this happens eau coolers can offer a wide choice of replacements from a fantastic range of water dispensers and systems.

IMPORTANT!! Leaks and faults may not always be the fault of just the water cooler. Other factors also exist ~ pipe work and associated water fittings can be troublesome and cause headaches.

Our expert knowledge and skill in these matters will soon get you feeling chilled again. 

Regularly serviced water dispensers and systems are much less likely to develop bad faults. Regularly changed water filters will ensure your water cooler dispenses fresh drinking water every time.

Your frequently serviced water system can highlight a problem from becoming a breakdown!

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