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Sodastream Professional - the right choice for water coolers

These water dispensers offer something a little different, a more professional approach in the provision of chilled drinking water in the work place.

Sodastream Professional products are characterised by superior build quality, innovative and advanced direct chill cooling designs and Italian styling. With these systems it is possible to dispense high quality still or sparkling water, at chilled or ambient temperatures.

Sodastream Professional stainless steel finished water coolers are designed for many types of locations and ease of use, but are excellent for canteen or restaurant environments where large volumes of freshly filtered ice chilled drinking water is required. A simple introduction to our range is as follows;


SP Danubio Pure Touch water coolersPure Touch Line

PURE TOUCH is an advanced and minimal line of water cooling systems, all with a touch screen technology that underlines its elegance and enhances its functionality. Table Top/Overcounter and Floor Standing models.

To find out more about this line of Sodastream Professional Pure Touch products please click here





SP Danubio ClassicClassic line

The Classic line by Sodastream Professional is characterised by a wide range of table top / overcounter water coolers. Available in stainless steel or skin plate finish.

For Sodastream Professional Classic products please click here





SP Jolly Chiller WebSodastream Professional Undercounter cooler

Medium to large volume remote / undercounter water chillers designed to be connected to a range of eye catching Sodastream Dispensing Towers or fonts. Chilled outputs of up to 100 litres per hour of still or sparkling water with ambient dispense unlimited. 

For Sodastream Professional remote chillers click here





NettunoStainless Steel Built In Wall Cooler

Stainless Steel NETTUNO Built-In water cooler.

Designed to be built in flush to an interior wall offering a sleek eye catching water dispenser. Services hidden from sight. Solves problems with water dispensing in busy thoughfare areas.



SP Elixir outdoor drinking fountainOutside water dispenser for the Public Environment

Contact us if you require drinking water to be dispensed in a totally professional way in any public place. These units are designed for outside use in busy areas. Vandal proof design.

eau coolers are proud to be approved distributors of Sodastream Professional products in the United Kingdom.

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