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Home Water Coolers and Boiling Water Taps

plumbed in under sink water filter at home Chilled, filtered water not only tastes great but it also takes away impurities meaning a healthier drink for your family. At eau coolers we have the perfect solution for any home.

Your family will love the pure, fresh tasting water from our new home cooler - the eau Aqua from Aqua Optima. Providing chilled, filtered water this small cooler is the ideal counter top solution for any home.

If your tap water is tasting unpleasant, has a bad odour, or you are worried about it's content why not add a simple, effective water filter to your existing mains water supply? This will save you spending too much money on bottled water.

Chilled, instant fresh water tastes so much better than warm drinking water, to get instant chilled, freshly filtered water install one of our domestic under-sink chiller systems. This thirst-quenching ice chilled water is dispensed via an elegant fountain tap on your sink or work top.

To really impress the neighbours look at our range of 3 way filter taps by FRANKE Filterflow or Abode by clicking the links.

For the effective provision of boiling hot and ice chilled filtered water look no further than the wizard from Oz, the Billi Boiling Water Tap system. Awesome!

The Quooker boiling water tap offers instant hot water for drinks or cooking. Cut out all the time wasted waiting for the kettle to boil. Think what you could do with those precious extra minutes!

To learn about our range of selected home water coolers, water filters, domestic instant hot water dispensers contact us today.

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