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Winters Coming and the Kettle is going....

There was a great article in the Daily Mail recently explaining all about the virtues of the new middle-class "must have". Boiling Water taps. They mentioned the Quooker Flex, Grohe Red Duo, insinkerator 3N1 and the Zip Hydrotap. They ignored one of the best. The Billi Tap.

For middle-class homes the popularity of the Boiling Tap will certainly rise over the next few years. However, for most offices and work places the simple wall mounted or table top hot drinks boiler will still be the smartest choice.

Generally much easier to fit, easier to maintain, better value for money, and much larger ranges to choose from.

Instanta for example are one of the UK's leading manufactuers of beverage and catering equipment.

Their objective over the years has been to produce top quality, innovative products that offer real value for money and deliver unrivalled reliability.

Located in Southport, Merseyside, they have an ISO 14001 Accredited Factory in which they are focused on not getting into hot water but rather delivering some absolutely simmeringly hot products.

The Instanta product line includes the newly released SureFlow Slimline range of table top boilers. Designed primarily for where space is limited but standards are high. Served with peace of mind 2 year warranty.

Making it's first appearance in 2016 was the new Under-counter SureFlow. This provides an impressive rapid draw off of 40 litres. Compact and powerful with push button dispense and twin Insta Tap with adjustable temperatures. Great for stadiums and concert arenas.

Going under-counter is no problem either for the INSTATAP range. Instanta say this range is suitable for retail use, small offices or large arenas. Stylish font with a choice of 3 efficent, powerful and effective boilers. Up to 378 cups of boiling hot water per hour. Instanta 2 year sleep easy warranty.

Instanta has been in manufacturing since 1957. A lot has been learned about producing boiling hot drinking  water during that time. The SureFlow Plus Series of boilers brings the best of that boiling knowledge into their Premium range of Auto-Fill counter top range. Great features include 7 day programmable timer, Eco mode function, built in filtration. Temperature programmable between 80 degrees C - 98 degrees C. Programmable filter monitor from 2,000 - 19,500 litres. WRAS approved with up to 3 years roll over and go back to sleep easy warranty.

The Instanta SureFlow Pro Series. These 6kW and 9kW large, powerful boilers will cope with the most demanding situations where large volumes are needed in a short period. All feature twin taps for speedy delivery.

The SureFlow Compact range is what is says on the tin. Ideal for where space is limited but where expectations are high. WRAS approved with 1 year Warranty.

The Instanta wall mounted range includes the Premium SureFlow and SureFlow. The Premium Sureflow is available in rapid draw off sizes of 3 litres, 7, 15 and 25 litres. Designed to last in impact resistant thermoplastic (WM 3 and WM7 ) or high-grade stainless steel. WRAS approved with 2 year warranty.

The Sureflow range of wall boilers are only available in mirror finished stainless steel. Rapid draw off choice of 2.5 litres, 5 and 10 litres. WRAS approved. 1 year warranty.

For coffee shops the Instanta Barista Pro Steamer / Boiler is a great choice for high volume users.

The SmartFlow table top Boiler and Chiller is a cost effective way to get filtered hot and chilled water on tap.

The largest boiler in the range is the Titan Pro Bulk Boiler. This was built in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence, it is designed to serve 100's of people. It suits sporting arenas and concert venues.

When choosing and using an Instanta boiler it is good to know that they are built to the highest standards and are designed to give many years service. They are quick to point out however, that if the product is to be used in a hard water area it is strongly recommended that a scale management programme is put in place. This would be true for any boiler manufacturer. Prevention is better than cure.

For more information on Billi Taps, Instanta boilers and scale prevention call us now on 01420 488600.

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