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Watering down Rome's Invisible City

Rome's Invisible City

Last night I watched some really adsorbing television. Alexander Armstrong, presenter from Pointless joined up with Dr Michael Scott to explore the hidden underground treasures that made Rome (his favorite city) the powerhouse and wonder of the ancient world.

They uncovered the lost subterranean world that helped build and run the world's first metropolis and it's empire.

They went from the underground world of that theatre of death, the Colosseum to the aqueducts and sewers that supplied and cleansed Rome and it's peoples.

Aqueducts moved water through gravity alone within conduits of stone, brick or concrete with the help of lead, ceramic or stone pipes.

Now researchers are saying that the water provided by the famous aqueducts may have been contaminated with up to 100 times more lead than found in local spring water.

I wonder if any of the Roman bottled water companies knew of those statistics?

Finally the Victrians thought they were clever when they built the sewers underneath the City of London. The engineers in Rome beat them to it by a mere 2,000 years.

Awesome stuff!!

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