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Water Coolers for Schools

"What type of water cooler should my school be using?"

My answer to that simple question would normally always be "A POU of course"

You might ask "What is a POU water cooler?" 

Let me explain. A POU water is a Point of Use Water Cooler - a term now widely used for water coolers that are plumbed directly into the mains or potable water supply.

They do not require large, heavy combersome 19 litre bottles to function. (The lifting and carrying of these large bottles can be a serious Heath and Safety issue)

The POU water cooler is by far the best choice for satisfying thirsty pupils in school at any time of the year, especially on a hot day or in a stuffy centraly heated environment.

They have so many advantages and benifits when compared to bottled water coolers. I would say bottled water coolers do have their uses and advantages but they should never be considered when a POU can be utilised.

The health benifits of drinking good wholesome chilled water is well documented and should not be underestimated. It is well known that in schools good hydration helps reduce irritability, tiredness and increases concentration - now pay attention! But seriously - it leads to a more productive learning and less stressful environment.

Where should POU water coolers be located?

Coolers should always be located in areas that offer easy pupil access, offer easy maintance and should be in a supervised areas. Avoid door ways, fire exits, narrow corridors, any sunlit areas, and do not place around plants displays. They should never be located in IT Departments, Science Departments and most importantly toilets.

"How many coolers do we need?"

To avoid large frustrating queues within the school it is recommended that there is one suitable sturdy POU water cooler per 200 school pupils.

What cooler can I recommend?

One of my favorite coolers for this kind of environment is the Spa Plus water cooler. This cooler really is fit for purpose. It is very sturdy, very easy to use with single vandal resistant soft touch push button and is extremely robust. This makes it ideal for the vigours of every day school life.

This type of cooler is as simple and durable as possible, has no fragile or protruding pieces, it has soft touch button rather than a tap.

This type of POU cooler can be and should be wherever possible plumbed into the schools drainage system to remove excess water from the drip tray and avoid flooding

This type of cooler should only be plumbed into a mains potable water supply and not to a water storage tank system.

This type of water cooler has a sufficent space under the dispensing spout large enough to fill a bottle.

The addition of a water filter is always recommended to improve the quality and taste of the chilled drinking water.

Depending on the location it can be connected to drain, and can be secured to wall using full length cowling / wall bracket system. This also hides all the incoming water and electrical services coming in to the back of the cooler. This is a very practicle and sensible option in schools.

A full length cowling increases the safety factor and reduces the chances of vandalisim. Tamper proof fixings for these coolers can also be chosen at the time of ordering.

The Spa water cooler is available in attractive Black or Brushed Stainless finishes.

From eau coolers you have the choice to either purchase the water cooler outright and pay for any subsequent servicing and maintenace required or rent the cooler with a pre agreed service package. I think renting is by far the best option because this includes regular maintenance, filter change (if fitted), sanitisation / cleaning.

It is alway preferred that we visit the school site to discuss with teachers and /or caterers their requirements: the number of POU coolers required; where the POU coolers should be positioned, based on the schools individual requirements, the whereabouts of mains water supply and drainage;

For large school dining halls we recommend either looking at our Sodastream Professional or Cosmetal Niagara fountains.

Contact eau coolers to arrange a site visit to discuss internal chilled water options and external drinking water options.


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