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Water Cooler Rental Packages from Eau Coolers

Water Cooler Rental Packages from Eau Coolers

Not keen to purchase your next water cooler outright?

Unsure of what costs there may be lurking for maintenance and after sales care?

Had a bad and expensive experience with another supplier?

Why not spread the costs and eliminate the uncertanty of buying your water dispenser by renting?

Look no further for a water cooler company that can provide you with an easy to manage and easy to understand rental package.

Our rental packages include full maintenace and breakdown cover including parts and labour for the duration of your contract. This rental period is normally 36 months. At the end it's easy to upgrade, extend or return the equipment.

Talk to us - we have a wide range of water coolers and drinking fountains to suit your needs. We can supply Oasis, Cosmetal, Zerica, AA First, Spa's, the world's tougest water cooler, the Rhino, Borg & Overstrom, Heatrae Sadia, Instanta, Marco, Billi Tap's and much more.

Breeam suitable water dispensers can also be rented and our selection is the best you can find.

Choose the equipment and then we can offer a taylor made water cooler and water boiler rental service that is perfect for your place of work, office, hospital, school, university, college or home.

Our vast portfolio of drinking water equipment incorporates direct chill and reservoir type mains fed water coolers and boilers, bottled water coolers and under sink systems.

Mains fed and bottled water coolers provide many different variations of drinking water - dispensing chilled still or fizzy water, or chilled, hot and ambient (room temperature) and our wall, table top or under sink boilers providing cup after cup after cup of boiling hot drinking water for the busiest of offices or locations.

Our main office is based in Bordon, Hampshire but for mains-fed water coolers and boilers we cover most parts of the UK.

As a Family run business we strive to deliver the best possible customer service with out short cuts. We love water - pure and simple!

And by renting your water cooler it's as pure and simple as it gets!

These days, as we have said, the choice is vast so please talk to one of our team to help you decide on which type of drinking water system would be best for you and your environment. Ring 01420 488600 now or contact us here.

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