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Water Cooler Maintenance, Water Cooler Repairs, Water Cooler Servicing

Water Cooler Maintenance, Water Cooler repairs, Water cooler servicing.

We are proud at eau coolers to have just celebrated 20 years in business. We are a family run business, we love water pure and simple. We also love our water coolers. We maintain our coolers with proper care, love and attention. We would also love to look after yours in the same way.


Water Cooler Maintenance

We offer in depth water cooler maintenace and service packages and service packages for all types of plumbed in water coolers, bottled water coolers, drinking water fountains, hot drinks boilers, under sink chillers and water filter systems.

Water Cooler Spares

We can provide new replacement parts and spares for all makes of water dispensers.These can often be difficult to identify and replace.

Water Cooler Installations

We can also help with the moving and installation of water coolers to new locations, replace existing plastic pipe runs, pressure limiting valves and push fits. We can service, de-scale, remove and fit existing hot drinks water boilers into new locations.

We can offer exciting new style vandal proof glass filler taps and bubbler taps with unprecidented 5 year warranty to replace normal drinking fountain bubblers and glass fillers.

Spare parts and accessories can be provided for you to arrange the service work or we recommend we undertake this service work for you.

Bottled water coolers often suffer from heavy scale build up during use and this can be very troublesome to elminate. If you own your bottled cooler We can do this for you offsite.

Please contact our Customer Service department for free help and technical advice or visit our Water Cooler Maintenance and Service pages here.

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