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Water Cooler Cleaning | eau coolers

Good house keeping for your water coolers


I read the other day that our local water company supplies in excess of 560 million litres of fresh drinking water to the area every day. This water gets to it's destination by being pumped along over 9,000 miles of pipework in just our area alone.

The water company adds small, carefully measured amounts of Chlorine to the water to maintain it's quality from them to us.  MG 2868The Chlorine is used as a disenfectant to eliminate potentially harmful micro-organisims such as bacteria.

A water filter can be used to enhance the quality of the drinking water by improving the taste and smell of the drinking water by removing the chlorine.

A filter system is a device which removes impurities from the tap water by means of a physical barrier or chemical process.

Normally we recommend that any plumbed in water coolers we supply are used in conjunction with a suitable water filtration system.

Maintaining your drinking water quality

If you purchase a water cooler it is a wise precaution not to forget it needs care. Water quality will drop when the cooler is not cleaned and sanitised regularly. The filters, if fitted, should also be changed regularly in accordance with the manufactuers instructions.

Sanitisng of the water cooler is the cleaning and sanitising of the internal water contact parts.

This covers all the internal water containing parts and finally the tap dispensing mechanism.

This is important because the cleaning and sanitising process is designed to remove Bio-film. Bio-film is organic matter that contains bacteria that can build up and multiply on the contact surfaces within the water cooler.

Between regular service visits water cooler taps should be regularly sprayed with a suitable water cooler peroxide solution or wiped with a suitable impregnated wipe.

The outside of the cooler should be kept spotless and drip trays regulary emptied and kept clean.

Connections should be checked on a regular basis and if any faults develop they should be acted upon straight away.

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