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Unusual Christmas Gifts

Chill out this Christmas

Looking for that unusual domestic Christmas Gift, a gift that will be so beautifully useful and handy for you and your family for the rest of the year, and one that won't be thrown in the cupboard and forgotten about 3 days after new year?

It's not too late. Look no further!

Treat your loved one (or yourself!) to a POU (plumbed in water dispenser) water cooler. Available in table top or floor standing versions, a choice of colours and you can order as chilled and hot or chilled and ambient temperature. No more lugging bottled water from the shops or running out when you are thirsty.

Small kitchen?

If space in your kitchen is limited look to choose from our range of under sink water chiller systems. These space saving ideas offer chilled filtered water via a faucet tap on your sink top. Perfect for smaller kitchens.

Bottled Cooler options

If chilled water is important for you and plumbed in water coolers are not suitable maybe one of our bottled water coolers would be perfect.

Non chilled filter options

If you do not require chilled drinking water we can offer a nice range of water filter systems that Santa and his helpers would be proud of and will be kinder on your wallet.

And don't feel too sorry for Santa Claus ~ water coolers are not that heavy, although you may need a bigger chimney....

Contact us for free help and advice on choosing the perfect Christmas present..........

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