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The FIZZ Water Cooler

The sparkling, bubbly FIZZ Cooler!

eau 4400X Fizz CoolerOur new 4400 FIZZ sparkling water cooler does have plenty of great features and benefits if you are looking at adding some sparkle and bite to your drinking water.

Firstly, what we like about this sleek model is that it is available either as a floor standing or table top version.

The drip tray is designed to be a simple lift out type but this can be easily supplied to connect to mains waste drainage.

The taps are a simple, efficient and easy to use solenoid taps for ambient, chilled and carbonated drinks.

The cooler has a removable lower front panel. This is spring loaded and this gives easy access

to the filter and CO2 cylinder. This is great for service work or when a change of gas cylinder is required.


The carbonation unit on the 4400 FIZZ makes each drink separately with no premix. This ensures a good carbonation level in every drink for each user. Just press the FIZZ button and hear the CO2 being injected into the water and then dispensed into your cup.

Then enjoy the refreshingly cold water with bite!

Gas Regulator

A gas regulator is supplied with the 4400 FIZZ cooler. It fits commercially available food grade "one way" 600 gram CO2 cylinders. For large users of gas we recommend the use of 3.15Kg cylinders. These cylinders require a different type of twin gauge CO2 regulator. Ask us for more details.

The floor standing cooler has an intergral cup holder which can take either 7 and 9oz plastic cups.

Each cooler is correct for 220 - 240V 50/60Hz supply. Provided with a 3 pin plug and 180cm power cord.

The refrigeration system comprises of a quiet, air cooled static type condenser. No fan is required. This is protected against motor overload. each unit is hermetically sealed and uses 134a refigerant.

The cooling system is thermostatically controlled to 4C - 12C. This unit is not direct chill and has a stainless steel 3 litre cold water tank.

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