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Spares for your water coolers | Eau Coolers, Hampshire

We carry spares and technical manuals for a wide range of water coolers, drinking fountains, under sink chillers and hot drinks boilers. We stock various filtration systems and replacement cartridges, push-fit adaptors, solenoid valves, push buttons, panels, lids, replacement cooling fans and replacement tubing in all sizes, metric and imperial.

Brands and manufactuers include Oasis, Cosmetal, BluPura, Borg & Overstrom, Zerica, Watership Down, Mistral, Sodastream Professional, Billi tap, Zip, Instanta, Tomlinson, Doulton, Everpure, Omni-Pure, Honeywell, SIP Ozone generators, Cooler Clean, John Guest and DM range.

Ask us for free technical advice if you have a water dispensing problem or suspect that your device is not working correctly. We can often replace a part and get your dispenser working again with the minimum of fuss.

There may not be an old adage regarding water coolers but if there was one it would be "A wise man visually checks his tubing and push-fits for leaks every day." Of course any faulty parts a wise man finds should be replaced immediately. Remember the wise old adage I do know "A little water goes a long way." Don't let it happen to you.

We also stock pressure booster pumps, pumped drains, professional and budget pressure limiting valves, leak protection devices, flow meters and waste kits in various capacities with and without alarms and containers.

To secure a water cooler in highly sensitive areas or where the services need protection we offer short and full length water cooler cowlings. Various finishes are available. Simple brackets can be supplied to hold floor or table top water coolers.

Cup dispensers can often fail when used repeatedly in high usage sites and we can offer replacements in toughened plastic or stainless steel.Flat bottom or cone cup options.

Funny smells or the water not tasing right? When was the cooler last cleaned and serviced? Water flters can get blocked. Regular cleaning and filter replacement is important. We stock a wide range of water filters, UV replacement lamps and ballasts, a wide range of cooler cleaning products including the professional Cooler Clean brand of Hydrogen Peroxide  MG 2923cleaning products and sprays.

Hot drinks boilers can scale up quickly in hard water areas where no filtration is fitted or replaced in a timely fashion. Dispensing taps can either break with repeated heavy use or scale up but these can be easily replaced. If you are unsure about your water hardness levels the just give us your post code and we will tell you what it is for your area and give advice if filtration is required.

On Health and Safety issues we can offer a range of water cooler safety mats in any shape, size or colour that you could want. These can be a great help in high usage areas and make wet flooring a thing of the past.

We are here to help and if you have a simple water cooler related question or a more serious problematical water dispenser or boiler issue then please don't delay give us a call on 01420 488600 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You may well have been told "the coolers broke and can not be fixed". Whoever told you that may well be right but surely it's worth getting a FREE second opinion from the experts here at eau coolers. A simple call or email could save you time and money. We look forward to hearing from you.

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