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Review of the AA 4400 X water cooler & dispenser | Eau Coolers

Review of the AA 4400 X water cooler & dispenser | Eau Coolers

The AA 4400 X water cooler is described as the "Top of the Range" model in the AA water cooler armoury. The main difference between the AA 4400 X water cooler and the previously reviewed AA 3300 X is the fact that this water cooler uses modern Solenoid push button taps which light up on touch. Another upgrade is that this water cooler is protected by Antimicrobial HygeineGuard Technology. This cleverly inhibits bacterial growth where it matters most - at the dispensing point.

The AA 4400 X is also now fitted with FloodGuard™ flood protection device. This gives users peace of mind and stops any internal leak from becoming a disaster.

This cooler is safe, good looking, sturdy and with reliable performance and looks good in any environment.

The AA 4400 X design just like the AA3300 X is well proven and is available as a floor standing or table top water cooler. The floor standing model is typically taller than other floor standing coolers and the dispensing taps are at a more ergonomic height.

The dispense taps are of the push and hold button Solenoid type. This push and hold action prevents leaving the tap running by mistake. The spouts of the solenoid taps are protected by the new HygieneGuard tap covers. Their silver impregnation is designed to prevent hand to tap bacterial contamination. This cooler is particularly suitable for busy office environments, hospitals, health centres.

The cooler has a removable spring loaded lower front panel. This gives easy access to the filter system compartment. This is great for regular service work. We can supply water filters for these coolers. Type required will depend on water quality.

The floor standing cooler has an intergral cup holder which avoids the needs for unsightly add ons. This can take either 7oz and 9oz plastic cups.

We can also supply this water cooler with SIP Automatic 24/7 Ozone Sanitising with sleep mode. This enables the cooler to not only self sanitise every night but the sleep mode can save energy and costs on top. The SIP unit has to be factory fitted.

The AA 4400 X water cooler has a full length cowling option available - this will satisfy BREEAM and will fit the cooler securely to a wall and can be supplied separately.

The drip tray is designed to be a simple lift out type but to comply with BREEAM this can be easily adapted to connect to mains waste drainage. This option has to be factory installed.

It is also possible to connect the drip tray to an alarmed Drip Tray Over Flow system. This can be factory fitted or self installed.

Each AA 4400 X water cooler is correct for 220 - 240 V, 50Hz supply. Provided with a 3 pin plug and 180cm length power cord.

This water cooler like to 3300 X can also be offered with a conversion kit as a bottled cooler.

The AA 4400 X refrigeration system comprises of a quiet, air cooled static type condenser. No fan is required. This is protected against motor overload. Each unit is hermetically sealed and uses 134a refigerant.

The cooling system is thermostatically controlled to 4ºC - 12ºC. This unit is not a direct chill type and has a stainless steel 3 litre cold water tank.

The hot version has an additional 2 litre stainless steel tank. Thermostatically controlled to between 87 and 92º C. This type of cooler will not dispense water as hot as a 'stand alone' hot drinks boiler but are suitable for users where boiling hot water is not essential. Easily accessible hot water drain tank at the back of cooler to aid service calls.

Dimensions of the floor standing POU (plumbed in) 4400 x water cooler is Height 1135 mm Width 340 mm Depth 340 mm Weight 18 Kg

Dimensions of the table top POU (plumbed in) 4400 x water cooler is Height 460 mm Width 340 mm Depth 340 mm Weight 15 Kg

To aid security on the 4400 X water cooler simple low cost wall securing brackets are available.

My verdict

This water cooler is WRAS approved and meets the environmental standard of RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) has years of proven reliability behind it. It is available in Anthracite livery with a back lit logo panel. It requires minimal servicing and offers high reliability.

Spares are readily available and service for a machine of this type is quick and easy. We can offer service packages to suit your application. Contact us for more information on what is available for you.

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