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Renting a sparkling carbonated water cooler

Renting a sparkling carbonated water cooler

Rent a Sparkling Water Cooler 

If you like a bit of fizz and sparkle in your life then please give us a try - we are able to offer multiple drinking water solutions to both commercial and domestic customers that want a bit of fizz in their glass.

Renting a sparkling water cooler from eau coolers is easy.

Our water cooler range and expertise in carbonated water is second to none.

Talk to us on your rental options and take us up on our free trial to make sure it "does what it says on the tin". We can offer fizzy, sparkling water dispensers for directing plumbing and also carbonated bottle coolers. (these are rare)

Floor standing coolers are the most popular but we can also help with table top water dispensers, under sink water chillers and wall mounted sparkling models.

Our sparkling models will require CO2 gas for them to work. These cylinders can be purchased or rented. Talk with one of our Customer Services advisors for your best options in these choices.

Renting a fizzy water cooler makes so much sense because it spreads the cost of the equipment over your rental term.

This way you spread the important servicing and maintenance costs, any parts, filters or spares needed and the breakdown cover.  The cost of the CO2 cylinders is not included in the rental price.

We love Water - Pure and Simple

Renting your water system from eau coolers is also pure and simple and gives you many benifits:

Wide choice of user friendly sparkling drinking water systems

Free site surveys

Free trial period to ensure the system you have chosen suits your needs

Regular service and maintenance

Regular filter changes

Help desk

Breakdown cover for the length of your contract

Simple, easy to understand monthly bills

Flexible rental periods

Always a wide choice of upgrade options

Call us now on 01420 488600 to speak with one of our Customer Services advisors

Check out our carbonated water coolers here

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It makes sense to Rent!