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Preventable scale damage on hot drinks boilers


Scale damage in hot drinks boilers

Large parts of the UK suffer from the negative effect of hard water.

Scale build up in popular hot drinks boilers such as Instanta, Heatrae Sadia, Marco and Zip looks horrible and the lime scale deposits can have a large detrimental effect on the efficency of your electric boiler and the taste of your drinking water.

It is important to know that no boiler manufacturer will provide any warranty cover when it comes to boiler failing due to scale damage.

Hard water itself is not a health problem for humans but for water boilers it has other, less wanted side effects.

Why does that happen?  

Well, typically, if untreated, hard water when heated over 55 degrees centigrade, the dissolved minerals will soldify as moisture evaporates.

These solidified minerals are what limescale is made of. If you live in a hard water area Lime scale represents a serious problem in the life of your hot drinks boiler.

This will certainly make your hot drinks boiler much less energy efficient and if left untreated the scale can lead to elements burning them selves out much quicker than normal. 

Preventative maintenance that includes regular service visits and regular filter changes can have a tremendous benifical effect on the taste of your hot drinking water for teas and coffees etc and extend the life of your hot drinks boiler and equipment.

Remember the old adage that says 'Prevention is much better than cure.'

We offer flexible service care packages for purchased boilers or why not consider renting one of our boilers which includes full service and breakdown cover.

Contact our service team to find out more on what we can offer.

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