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Oasis KaliX water cooler fitted with Autodrain system | eau coolers

Product review Oasis KaliX with autodrain system

No more overflowing drip trays!

It is true to say that many users of water coolers believe that the drip tray automatically empties to a drain when it does not.

This can result in the drip tray over flowing and a puddle on the floor.

Well known water cooler manufactuerer Oasis have come up with a system that drains the drip tray of the popular KaliX range of water dispensers direct into a storage container hidden inside the water cooler.

Oasis offer two sizes of container with their new Autodrain feature. You can choose 2 or 5 litre storage containers.

When the container is full, a red float indicator rises above the drip tray surface. This lets you know the concealed container needs emptying.

Oasis have done a really good job here and the container can be easily emptied with out any spills taking place.KaliX Autodrain system

This system works by mechanical means alone - there are no electrical components used at all.

Another good thing about this design is that it can be ordered on a new machine or can be purchased as a retrofit kit and fitted in any existing KaliX plumbed-in water cooler.


Well worth considering with the KaliX water cooler in busy areas when there is no chance of easily getting drainage behind where the cooler is positioned. It is a simple, low cost option that will work well with any KaliX water dispenser. Once constructed, running drainage to parts of a building can be very expensive and time consuming. This brillant piece of kit does away with that headache. Highly recommended.

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