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Oasis Sparkling water cooler review | March 2017 | eau coolers

Oasis Sparkling water cooler review | March 2017 | eau coolers

Oasis claim that the chill process utilised in the Kalix series of water coolers is the most effective cooling system on the market today.

The system that Oasis use is called the Pressure Vessel Direct Chill or PVDC® for short.

The Oasis cooling tank is manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel and is kept under pressure and Oasis boast that water is chilled within it in just seconds.

General Kalix features

  • PVDC® direct chill technology.
  • Multiple water options.
  • Integrated cup dispenser or Flat top with NO cup dispenser.
  • Soft touch illuminated dispense buttons.
  • Removable drip tray - this can be tapped to run to a suitable waste drain.
  • Space for filling sports bottles.
  • Two piece direct chill vessel for ease of service.

You have multiple water options available with the Kalix series of plumbed in water coolers but it is the two sparkling versions that my review will concentrate on.

If you are a fan of Oasis then you will know that they tend to label their water coolers with lengthy codes and these two sparkling coolers are no exception!

The P1PVECCDKY is their Ambient, Ice chilled still and Ice chilled sparkling water cooler. The Kalix dimensions are as follows: Height 112 cm Width 32 cm Depth 38 cm. Chilled water output 20 litres per hour. That's close to 121 x 7oz cups of water per hour. Power consumption is 100 watts. Current 0.8 Amps. 

The P1PVECCDHSY is the Hot, Ice chilled still and Ice chilled sparkling version. Kalix Height 112 cm Width 32 cm Depth 38 cm. Chilled water output 20 litres per hour. That's 121 x 7oz cups of water per hour. Hot water output is 7.9 litres per hour. That is 31 steaming mugs of hot water per hour. Power consumption 620 watts. Current 2.8 Amps. 

For those of you that are of a technical persuasion I am sure you will want to know a few more facts:

Convection cooled condenser. Internally sprung mounted, hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector. No lubrication is needed and refrigerant is controlled accurately by a capillary tube.

Water temperature is controlled by an adjustable thermostat with "OFF" position that is easily accessible inside the filter compartment.

Oasis use a two piece hot tank which aids cleaning out any scale deposits that may develop. We always recommend using a suitable filter especially in hard water areas. This will enhance the service life of the product by a considerable margin. The two piece tank is easily replaced or serviced. The 500 watt element can be replaced on site reducing time and service costs.

Adjustable hot thermostat with safety limiter.

I've left the best bit until nearly last. These are great water coolers for dispensing carbonated or fizzy water. This is briefly how it works. The pre-carbonated chilled water is taken from the PVDC® system, pressurised through a pump and mixed with the CO2 gas within the carbonator tank inside the Oasis PVDC® system. The tank is made from food grade plastics and 304 grade stainless steel.

The carbonation process will make 350 litres (2,120 x 7 oz cups) when using a 2Kg gas cylinder. The total height of a CO2 cylinder with regulator that can be used within the Kalix is 560mm. If you wish to use larger CO2 bottles then they would need to be installed safely outside of the Kalix cooler.

Click on this link to see the Kalix water cooler brochure packed full of details..

My Verdict on the Sparkling Kalix water cooler

Oasis have been successfully making water coolers since 1910 and when you use the Kalix you can see why they are still in business. The sparkling Kalix machine is well thought out and well made. The sparkling Kalix is new to the market but the original Kalix design appeared around 10 years ago and is still as popular today as it was when it was first introduced.

I think these machines are very good value for money, strong and long lasting when serviced correctly. When fitting we always use a pressure limiting valve (PLV) to protect against extreme mains water pressure surges and always consider fitting a Water Bloc leak protection valve. This will protect your premises in the event of a leak to the water cooler system.

For more information and free advice on the correct procedures on fitting water coolers contact our customer services department on 01420 488600 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information on the Oasis Kalix sparkling range & other fizzy coolers please just follow this link...

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