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Low water pressure problems affecting your plumbed in water cooler?

Low mains pressure affecting your water coolers? Talk to us at eau coolers now!

Booster pump handleSome water coolers, predominately the direct chill type, suffer badly when they are fed from low main water pressure. Flow rates from these machines and drinking fountains can drive you to drink.

They need a good mains water pressure to work effectively. Boosting your low mains pressure is relatively easy.

We can supply a self contained, easy to handle and fully automatic pressure boost pump unit.

The unit consists of a high performance Aquatec diaphragm pump with integrated pressure switch.
The pump operates automatically to boost pressure to attached equipment, giving a maximum line pressure of 4 bar.

The pressure switch ensures it only activates on demand, and when pressure drops below 2.5 bar. It will deliver a flow rate in the range of 3 - 5 litres per minute.

The unit is CE marked.

Unit can also be fitted with 12v or 24v DC motor for use on boats, caravans or anywhere mains voltage is not available.

  • Easy to handle, easy to use
  • Light-weight plastic case
  • Illuminated on off switch
  • Integrated carrying handle
  • 3/8" external push-fit connectors
  • 2 metre 13 amp sealed lead as standard.
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