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Hygienic cleaning of Cosmetal River drinking fountains | eau coolers, Hampshire

Hygienic Cleaning for Cosmetal River drinking fountains

The Cosmetal River range of direct chill drinking fountains require a different cleaning and sanitising technique than reservoir type water coolers.

Cosmetal recommend when using hygienic cleaning solutions to wear disposable gloves and protective glasses for the eyes. When hygienic cleaning always pay close attention to the cleaning products reactions times, the correct dosing and the quantity of water necessary for the rinsing of the fountain after sanitisation.

Cosmetal recommend the operation of hygienic cleaning / sanitisation has to be carried out every time the River drinking fountain is installed and:

  • every 6 months during its use**
  • every time the water filter is changed
  • after an inoperative period of one or more weeks
  • (**) if the drinking fountain is installed in hospitals, schools, old peoples homes or clinics it is recommended to sanitise it every 3 months during its use.

Hygienic cleaning solution preparationCosmetal River UP drinking fountain

Prepare 5 litres of water in a suitable container
Add to it the correct amount of hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution. This will depend on the brand and strength of the cleaning solution being used. As an example Hygienic Solutions manufacture a cleaning product called Cooler Clean Rinse. They recommend 25 ml of Cooler Clean Rinse for every 1.7 litres of dosing water used. keep to the instructions provided with your chosen cleaning product.


If your Cosmetal River drinking fountain is equiped with a taste and odour removal filter either bypass the filter or fit a false filter housing whilst the cleaning takes place.

With the help of a suitable water pump connect the appliance water inlet to the container with the disinfecting solution.

Start the pump, letting this solution into the drinking fountain At the same time open the taps so as to let the hygienic cleaning solution flow out of the dispensing spouts.

Before the solution runs out, stop the pump and interupt the water dispensing from the taps.

Leave the cleaning solution to do its work for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Reconnect the drinking fountain to the mains water supply.

Let at least 15 litres of water flow out of the taps so as to rinse the water ways suitably, before using the appliance again.

eau coolers can offer spare parts, replacement water filters, cleaning materials and suitable water pumps for the in house cleaning of drinking fountains as described above.

We also offer service packages for existing drinking fountains. Please contact our Customer Services department on 01420 488600 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for prices and availability.

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