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Franke, the wonder tap!

I love the Franke range of Filterflow taps. When you decide that filtered drinking water is required in your kitchen, please, look no further! Surely there is no more inteligent way of doing it?

Franke IS the 3 way tap. It is a fantastic, well known brand, tried and trusted with a very good pedigree. They are the cat's pajamas, the bee's knees, the dog's bolloc...........

Yes, they are a little more expensive than some of the cheaper imported taps that you may find, but they are real quality. They are fully guaranteed and are supported nationwide which means you can install these taps with real confidence.

Franke tap choicesPerfect for the domestic kitchen set up. Allowing hot, cold and filtered water to be dispensed easily from a beautifully designed tap.

There is also the added benift that if you add a small efficient under sink chiller unit the filtered water is then dispensed delicously cold.

This keeps the fridge clear of unnecessary water bottles! Kick the bottle habit!!

This is the senisble way when designing your kitchen as no other tap hard ware is needed to clutter up the kitchen sink top.

Franke taps are supplied with all the necessary parts and fittings required for installation.

The Filterflow taps are manufactured for the UK market and they are suitable for use with vented and non vented systems.

If you are looking for style and class then look no further than the Franke Filterflo tap. Your friends will be envious of such simple, elegant luxury in your kitchen.

Franke Filterflow styles currently include Corinthian, Olympus, Doric and Kubus. Two choices of finish is available ~ Chrome or Silksteel.

Please ask for current special offers when ordering your Franke filterflow tap from eau coolers. Just give Customer Services a ring on 01420 488600.
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