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Cosmetal J Class TOP water cooler review

Cosmetal J Class TOP water cooler review

The Cosmetal J Class TOP water cooler is a highly versitile water cooler with a wealth of great features. It is a direct chill, WRAS approved water cooler. It is available in two water production output choices. You can choose 30 litres per hour of ice chilled water (TOP AC 30) or a hefty 45 litres (TOP AC 45) of ice chilled water per hour.

This is a plumbed in cooler and so is designed to connect directly to your home or business potable drinking water supply.

It is produced in a dozen different versions covering still chilled, sparkling, still ambient and extra hot. So you really do have a wide choice of options with this well made and thought out water cooler.

It is simple to use and a powerfull solution where large volumes of ice chilled drinking water and unlimited ambient water is required.

The Cosmetal J Class TOP is first and foremost a table top water cooler but when used in conjunction with the Cosmetal base unit it becomes a floor standing water cooler with plently of storage space underneath for filtration, large CO2 cylinder storage area for the sparkling models and lots of cup stoage. This also helps make service work very easy to undertake.

Like most coolers the drip tray is designed to be a simple lift out type but the cooler can be easily adapted to connect to mains waste drainage. It is also possible to connect the J Class TOP drip tray to a 3 litre overflow kit.

Each cooler is correct for 220 - 240 V, 50Hz supply. Provided with a 3 pin plug and 180cm length power cord.

The chilling process uses the well proven Cosmetal refrigeration ice bank technology system.

The ice bank cooling system on the J Class Electronic Control type water cooler has two chill settings, one for winter and one for summer. The Electronic Control variant also gives the user the option to pre-select water dosing volumes. All models in the J Class range have direct chill cooling and therefore has no reservoir for improved hygiene. Down load the Cosmetal J Class water cooler manual by clicking on this link.

My verdict

A great option for high demand sites. The Cosmetal J Class TOP water cooler has a very small foot print ( 520 mm x 280 mm) and has a very large dispense area height ( 270 mm ) making it easy and simple to use with glasses and sports bottles etc. The dispense area can also be protected by the addition of UV protection. This Cosmetal manufactured water cooler looks good and is reasonably priced.

Check out and compare the Cosmetal J Class TOP with other great choice coolers in our ever expanding range by following this simple link...

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