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Bottled water delivery in Hampshire and beyond

Bottled water delivery in Hampshire and beyond

Bottled water supplied to Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex

Poet W.H.Auden wrote " Thousands have lived without love, not one without water."

As far as I know you cannot bottle love but you can bottle water. Thats refreshing and we can deliver it straight to your door.

With Spring around the corner it may be a good time to evaulate your drinking water requirements?

Bottled water can have lots of advantages for many of our customers over the now popular plumbed in water cooler.

For instance, the coolers can be moved very easily within the structure of the commercial enterprise or home where they are placed. This gives you huge flexibilty if your offices are constantly being re-arranged as your projects demand.

Secondly if you do not have a potable drinking water supply to hand then bottled water would be your only option. Our water is classified as a 'Mineral water' is bottled in two sizes for use on our floor standing or table top water coolers. 19 litres is our standard size and our 11 litre bottle is popular for smaller volume users.

Our bottled water can be supplied in Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex to Homes, Building sites, Construction sites, Engineering works, Schools, Universities, Colleges, Academies, Shops, Health centres, Airports, Docks, Museums, Attractions, Places of Worship etc etc the list goes on.

The health benifits of drinking plenty of good quality water is well documented and covers a wide spectrum. Water aids digestion, concentration, learning, altertness, general well being so should not be ignored and should be promoted as the 'must have' thirst quencher.

Traditionally a bottled water cooler has two taps, one tap dispenses chilled drinking water the other tap ambient temperature drinking water. Add to that a choice of Chilled drinking water and Hot drinking water. To widen your choice even further we can now offer chilled Sparkling water from a bottled water cooler.

In addition to your bottled water cooler and the bottle of water you need a 13a plug socket. We advise you do not site the cooler near radiators or heat source, windows in sunlight or near to sunlight, do not place plants near to the cooler. If you have no other option than near a window always place a suitable purpose made cover over the bottle to protect from a problem with water quality. Your bottled water deliveries should always be kept in a cool dark place to avoid contamination with sunlight.

If you are looking for a bottled water supplier in Hampshire, Surrey or West Sussex then please talk with us on how we could help with our refreshing service. We have always offered our new customers 2 week free trials for you to appreciate the quality of the product and to see if this "fits the bill."

Our bottled water delivery service to Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex is customer led as we do not have set 'delivery patterns'. We deliver to you when you order thus saving you the need to over stock and take in bottled water supplies when they are not needed.

We are a very flexible, family run business and we love water, plain and simple, bottled or not!

Please give us a try!

Contact our Customer services team right now on 01420 488600 to book a free trial or talk about our thirst qenching, refreshing service in more detail.

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