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Borg & Overstrom f4 chilled drinking fountain

Borg & Overstrom f4 chilled drinking fountain
To quote Borg & Overstrom 'The f4 chilled drinking fountain is Robust and Simplistic' - the f4 is designed to merge style and functionality, bringing about a sturdy and timeless drinking solution to any environment.

The Borg & Overstrom story began with a belief; that water is the ultimate tool for creativity, productivity and health. The f4 chilled drinking fountain certainly helps with the fulfilment of that dream....

The f4 is a direct chill drinking fountain that delivers up to 40 litres of ice chilled water per hour. Add a recommended filter system for the cleanest and tastiest drinking water.

The f4 is currenly only available as a floor standing drinking fountain - we don't yet know of any plans to introduce a wall mounted version.

Key features

Simple to use and easy to maintainBorg Overstrom f4 drinking fountain
Robust, precision build quality
Adjustable cold temperature control
Stainless steel finish
Can be connected to waste drainage
Pumped waste option available
Wide range of filtration options
Blanking plate for either bubbler or glass filler if they are not required
Waste pump kit
Wall and floor bracket kit available

Full service and breakdown cover can be supplied

My verdict

I know the f4 would be suitable in a wide range of uses - Industrial, Educational, Leisure and Healthcare to name but a few. I am sure you can think of many more - really the list is endless!

Well built with a host of add on extras, the Borg and Overstrom f4 is one stylish water dispenser to consider when you are in the market for a new drinking fountain. Browse at the f4 product brochure here for the full unwatered facts.

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