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B5 water cooler Hydration Station

B5 water cooler Hydration Station

Borg & Overstrom B5 Hydration Station

Water cooler manufacturers Borg & Overstrom boast that their B5 water cooler is like no other water dispenser on the market today.

It looks great on paper and the real thing is not too naff either. Are they correct in their assumption?

Is it the coolest thing since sliced bread? Or should I say the coolest thing since bottled water?

Lets have a look!

In my opinion the B5 is certainly a fine looking water cooler. It has some really neat features and it does enhance pristine office environments.

Borg say the B5 range straddles the line between high end functionality and ultra modern design. The Borg & Overstom B5 water cooler will add an extra element of sophistication to any office or showroom space. 

This system has been designed to be the 'watering hole' meeting place for any busy office or show room environment. It will cope with 25 + users and can deliver, depending on the model, chilled still water, chilled sparkling or fizzy water, ambient and hot drinking water.

Look at our B5 Hydration Station page for more information on these choices.

It has the ideal height for user interaction, the dispense area is nicely open and fully lit for easy use and the water dispensing nozzel is shrouded for hygienic protection.  Twin intergal cup dispensers as standard.

Other user benifits include wide choice of state of the art filtration mediums and for piece of mind a compact alarmed drainage system with a clever built in leak detector.


Borg have created an excellent water cooler that is a serious upgrade from the traditional style of office water cooler. It is very well built, with well laid out features, it has good ergonomics and an extensive choice of what type of water is dispensed.

Superb for office, meeting areas or show rooms where thirsty people meet. They won't be disappointed. 

To find out more on the stunning Borg & Overstrom B5 Hydration Station call Customer Services on 01420 488600 or just follow this simple link......



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