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Borg & Overstrom B4 water cooler ~ A water cooler without limits....

Borg & Overstrom B4 water cooler ~ A water cooler without limits....

We are offering for a limited time the Borg & Overström B4 water cooler on a rather special Easter Holidays offer!!

If you are in the market for a new water cooler take a good look at the Borg & Overström B4 water cooler. We think this cooler is rather cool.

Contact us now for our UNBEATABLE offers on the whole B4 range of cool coolers.

Look at the Features and benifits of the Borg B4

Both floor standing and table top versions are available in Chilled, Ambient, Hot and Sparkling variants.
They have an attractive Non porus, Antibacterial easy clean surface finish
The Dispense height of the B4 cooler is 255mm. This is ideal for bottles & jugs
B4 counter top version only 415mm high. Ideal for fitting in kitchens with low wall cabinets.
Floor standing B4 can be equiped with a 10.5 litre waste can via drip tray with overflow alarm set at 7 litres.
Floor standing unit has large integral cup dispenser.
Floor standing unit is 1325mm high. Ideal for adults.

To Recap the Unique Features of the B4
•Only 415mm high (counter top version)
•255mm dispense height.
•1325mm high -floorstanding
•Available in Chilled, Ambient, Sparkling & Hot
•Floor standing option includes level sensor waste
•High Volume Chilling system
•Versatile design
•Only available in Direct Chill
•Anti-Bacterial non-porous finish paint
•Blue-Lit Dispense Area
•360°engineers access

•Fits in almost all kitchens worktop space
•The largest dispenser in the range. Ideal for sports bottles
•The tallest floorstandingcooler on the market. Ideal for Adults
•The only counter top available in all 4 options
•Level sensor comes as standard for peace of mind.
•Higher volumes of chilled & Sparkling water
•Floorstanding or Countertop with the same machine
•Maximum hygiene and easy sanitising
•Easy to clean, increased hygiene
•Borg & Overström -A complete experience
•Easy to service with access from all sides

Why Direct Chill over reservoir?

• Ideal breading ground for Bacteria
• Much more difficult to sanitise
• Much lower output capacity
• Less energy efficient
• HSE lifting regulations on 19ltr water bottles - kick the bottle habit

Direct Chill
• Easy and quick to Sanitise
• Extremely hygienic. No exposure to air. No stagnant water
• Much more energy efficient
• Much higher output and continuous supply of water

Wide range of accessories for the Borg & Overstrom B4 water cooler

CO2 cylinders
External Cup dispensers
DIY Simple Install Kits
Professional Install Rails
Pressure Booster
Leak Detector

Click here to look at the Borg & Overstrom B4 brochure..

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