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Borg & Overstrom B3 Water Cooler

Borg & Overstrom B3 Water Cooler

The design team at Borg & Overstrom say that this water cooler is a reimagined classic.

These Borg water cooler boffins have built on from the strong foundations set by the earlier B2 range of water coolers and the B3 boasts some additional neat features over the B2 cooler.

These include a larger dispense area, integrated cup dispenser and the option of adding chilled sparkling water.

The B3 water cooler is designed to be plumbed directly to the mains (potable water) supply.

When fitting we advise it is always fitted with one of our recommended water filters. This will remove any bad tastes and odours that may be in the water supply and encourage you to drink more water.

It is not currently available as a bottled water cooler.

The B3 is available in floor standing or counter top versions.

The dispense height of the floor standing version is 800mm from the floor and the table top is 210mm from the work top.

The B3 can be ordered in direct chill or reservoir versions and depending on the variant can dispense ice chilled and ambient, ice chilled still, ice chilled sparkling and ambient or ice chilled and hot drinking water.Borg Overstrom B3 Elite water cooler

Key features

Touch panel controls
Auto lit dispense area
Integrated cup dispenser
Shrouded faucet taps for hygenic protection
Child proof tap on hot versions
Temperature control
Sparkling water option
Can be connected to waste drainage or waste can with level sensor and alarm
BREEAM adaptable

My verdict

A totally adaptable and dependable plumbed in (POU) water cooler with some neat features and a choice of direct chill or reservoir chill systems.

With the addition of a water filtration system the B3 dispenses superb tasting drinking water and encourages you to drink more. We think this is a good thing.

Two of the direct chill floor standing models also offer the option of chilled sparkling water. For more choices of sparkling water coolers follow this link...

Equally at home in offices, education, hospitality, leisure, healthcare or home.

For more details of the B3 and other styles of plumbed in water coolers follow this link...

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