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AA Arctic Chill 88 Water Cooler & Dispenser | Eau Coolers

AA Arctic Chill 88 Water Cooler & Dispenser | Eau Coolers

The AA Arctic Chill 88 water cooler produces a hefty 40 litres of ice chilled water per hour. It is a breeze to use and a powerfull solution where large volumes of ice chilled drinking water is required.

The AA Arctic Chill 88 is available both as a floor standing or table top water plumbed in type water cooler.

This is a single tap machine, simple, efficient and easy to use. This dispensing tap is protected by HygieneGuard which inhibits bacteria growth.

The cooler has a removable lower front panel. This is spring loaded and this gives easy access to the filter system compartment. This is great for regular service work.

We can also supply this water cooler with SIP Automatic 24/7 Ozone Sanitising with sleep mode. This can reduce sanitising call by 50% and energy consumption by 40%. This extra has to be factory fitted.

For BREEAM suitability the AA Arctic Chill 88 can be ordered with a full length cowling protection - this will enable the cooler to be securely fitted to a wall and floor.Arctic Chill water cooler

Like most coolers the drip tray is designed to be a simple lift out type but to comply with BREEAM this can be easily adapted to connect to mains waste drainage. This is factory fitted on order. It is also possible to connect the Arctic Chill 88 drip tray to a 3 litre overflow kit.

Each Arctic Chill cooler is correct for 220 - 240 V, 50Hz supply. Provided with a 3 pin plug and 180cm length power cord.

The refrigeration system comprises of a quiet, air cooled static type condenser. No fan is required. This is protected against motor overload. Each unit is hermetically sealed and uses 134a refigerant.

The cooling system has two chill settings cold and extra cold. This unit is a direct chill / pressure cooler type which avoids bacterial contamination of the water from the air and has no reservoir for improved hygiene.

My verdict

A great option for high demand sites. It is so simple to use ~ it only has one dispense button to choose from! This sublime water cooler looks good and is reasonably priced.

Check out and compare the AA Arctic Chill 88 with other great choice coolers in our ever expanding range by following this simple link...

Alternatively use our simple Contact Us form to ask for more details or free trial of this outstanding water dispenser.

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