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News and views from Eau Coolers: The friendly family water company

Introducing the Arctic Revolution


Arctic Revolution

The Arctic Revolution from AA First is changing the way counter top water coolers are thought about. With it's low height it is an ideal solution when wall cupboards are a problem. It's sleek, modern lines along with the touch pad buttons give it a futuristic feel. The high dispensing area allows bottles to be filled easily and the tap is protected by AA First's Hygiene Guard which is designed to stop bacterial growth from contact contamination. The front panel is removable so that filters can be fitted internally giving the installation a neater finish. 

Overall it's a Revolution!

Click here to find out more about our counter top water coolers

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Unusual Christmas Gifts

Chill out this Christmas

Looking for that unusual domestic Christmas Gift, a gift that will be so beautifully useful and handy for you and your family for the rest of the year, and one that won't be thrown in the cupboard and forgotten about 3 days after new year?

It's not too late. Look no further!

Treat your loved one (or yourself!) to a POU (plumbed in water dispenser) water cooler. Available in table top or floor standing versions, a choice of colours and you can order as chilled and hot or chilled and ambient temperature. No more lugging bottled water from the shops or running out when you are thirsty.

Small kitchen?

If space in your kitchen is limited look to choose from our range of under sink water chiller systems. These space saving ideas offer chilled filtered water via a faucet tap on your sink top. Perfect for smaller kitchens.

Bottled Cooler options

If chilled water is important for you and plumbed in water coolers are not suitable maybe one of our bottled water coolers would be perfect.

Non chilled filter options

If you do not require chilled drinking water we can offer a nice range of water filter systems that Santa and his helpers would be proud of and will be kinder on your wallet.

And don't feel too sorry for Santa Claus ~ water coolers are not that heavy, although you may need a bigger chimney....

Contact us for free help and advice on choosing the perfect Christmas present..........

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Winters Coming and the Kettle is going....

There was a great article in the Daily Mail recently explaining all about the virtues of the new middle-class "must have". Boiling Water taps. They mentioned the Quooker Flex, Grohe Red Duo, insinkerator 3N1 and the Zip Hydrotap. They ignored one of the best. The Billi Tap.

For middle-class homes the popularity of the Boiling Tap will certainly rise over the next few years. However, for most offices and work places the simple wall mounted or table top hot drinks boiler will still be the smartest choice.

Generally much easier to fit, easier to maintain, better value for money, and much larger ranges to choose from.

Instanta for example are one of the UK's leading manufactuers of beverage and catering equipment.

Their objective over the years has been to produce top quality, innovative products that offer real value for money and deliver unrivalled reliability.

Located in Southport, Merseyside, they have an ISO 14001 Accredited Factory in which they are focused on not getting into hot water but rather delivering some absolutely simmeringly hot products.

The Instanta product line includes the newly released SureFlow Slimline range of table top boilers. Designed primarily for where space is limited but standards are high. Served with peace of mind 2 year warranty.

Making it's first appearance in 2016 was the new Under-counter SureFlow. This provides an impressive rapid draw off of 40 litres. Compact and powerful with push button dispense and twin Insta Tap with adjustable temperatures. Great for stadiums and concert arenas.

Going under-counter is no problem either for the INSTATAP range. Instanta say this range is suitable for retail use, small offices or large arenas. Stylish font with a choice of 3 efficent, powerful and effective boilers. Up to 378 cups of boiling hot water per hour. Instanta 2 year sleep easy warranty.

Instanta has been in manufacturing since 1957. A lot has been learned about producing boiling hot drinking  water during that time. The SureFlow Plus Series of boilers brings the best of that boiling knowledge into their Premium range of Auto-Fill counter top range. Great features include 7 day programmable timer, Eco mode function, built in filtration. Temperature programmable between 80 degrees C - 98 degrees C. Programmable filter monitor from 2,000 - 19,500 litres. WRAS approved with up to 3 years roll over and go back to sleep easy warranty.

The Instanta SureFlow Pro Series. These 6kW and 9kW large, powerful boilers will cope with the most demanding situations where large volumes are needed in a short period. All feature twin taps for speedy delivery.

The SureFlow Compact range is what is says on the tin. Ideal for where space is limited but where expectations are high. WRAS approved with 1 year Warranty.

The Instanta wall mounted range includes the Premium SureFlow and SureFlow. The Premium Sureflow is available in rapid draw off sizes of 3 litres, 7, 15 and 25 litres. Designed to last in impact resistant thermoplastic (WM 3 and WM7 ) or high-grade stainless steel. WRAS approved with 2 year warranty.

The Sureflow range of wall boilers are only available in mirror finished stainless steel. Rapid draw off choice of 2.5 litres, 5 and 10 litres. WRAS approved. 1 year warranty.

For coffee shops the Instanta Barista Pro Steamer / Boiler is a great choice for high volume users.

The SmartFlow table top Boiler and Chiller is a cost effective way to get filtered hot and chilled water on tap.

The largest boiler in the range is the Titan Pro Bulk Boiler. This was built in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence, it is designed to serve 100's of people. It suits sporting arenas and concert venues.

When choosing and using an Instanta boiler it is good to know that they are built to the highest standards and are designed to give many years service. They are quick to point out however, that if the product is to be used in a hard water area it is strongly recommended that a scale management programme is put in place. This would be true for any boiler manufacturer. Prevention is better than cure.

For more information on Billi Taps, Instanta boilers and scale prevention call us now on 01420 488600.

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Hot Water Output Capacity of Water Coolers versus Hot Drinks Boilers

Eau Coolers are a leading supplier of drinking water systems so a question often arises such as "What is the hot water output capacity of a traditional hot & chilled water cooler?" or "How does it compare to a water boiler manufactured by one of the leading UK suppliers such as Instanta and Marco?"

A simple question – what are the answers?

The hot water output capacity of a 'traditional' water cooler can be affected by many things. The potable mains drinking water supply temperature, the ambient air temperature of the cooler location, any other nearby heat sources, the way the equipment is being used, how often it is serviced, have the scale reduction filters been changed to the manufactuers instructions and how old it is.

The incoming mains water temperature can also play a big part for any water cooler attempting to produce extremely hot drinking water for users on a regular basis. (It makes really no difference to a purpose made Instanta or Marco type boiler.)

Plumbed in water coolers have a fairly simple design when compared to hot drinks boilers and in producing ice chilled water they are brilliant. But when it comes to producing lashings of boiling hot drinking water they are definitely the poor relations.

What is the main reason to choose a water cooler in preference to a water boiler when hot drinking water is needed?

Normally because of the considerable difference in cost between purchasing a conventional Instanta or Marco type hot water boilers to a hot & chilled water coolers.

In life you genrally get what you pay for and in the drinking water industry things are unsurprisingly no different. There will always be a temptation to reduce site costs by placing hot & chilled water coolers instead of a combination of a stand alone water cooler and a stand alone water boiler. (Water boilers are available in table top, wall mounted and under sink variants.) Frustration boils over then in areas where the hot water demand outstrips its ability to deliver.

Out put differences

The main difference found in hot water output is down to the design of the heating system found in 'normal' coolers and in 'normal' boilers.

Tank sizes in hot water boilers are generally larger and specifically designed to only add small amounts of mains water, at regular intervals, to the tank in the re-filling process. This keeps the hot water temperature in the tank stable during the filling process.

On the other hand hot water tanks found in coolers are genrally smaller, typically no larger than 2 litres, not so well insulated and are always immediately re-filled with cold water any time hot water is dispensed from the taps. Depending on the quantity of cups dispensed, the temperature can vary greatly!

Lots of eau coolers boilers have programmable 7 day timers and are fitted with early warning indicators to indicate scale build up and filter changing times. With regular scale reduction filter changes, servicing is normally quick and very easy to accomplish.

Hot tanks on on water coolers are more difficult to service and have no scale build up warning indicators.

Instant Draw Off and Hourly Output?

Boiler manufactuers tend to sing off the same song sheet when dealing with how the boilers are rated in terms of how much boiling water per hour the products can dispense. Water cooler manufactuers are much more cagey on what you can expect in terms of what tempratures and volumes one can expect.

"Instant draw off" measures the amount of hot water which can be drawn, without dropping outside an expected temperature range. "Hourly output" assumes an optimum cup cycle followed by an optimum recovery time.

As an example the Instanta SureFlow 1501F is a 3kW rated boiler and has a heat up time of only 32 minutes from a cold standing start. It has a rapid draw off of 10 litres or to put it another way 60 cups in one go. The boiler has an hourly output of 27 litres which equates to 162 cups per hour. Plumbed in water coolers simply can not compete on these levels.

The Marco Ecoboiler Tap T10 is rated at 2.8 kW and also has a rapid draw off of 10 litres or 60 cups. It has a lower power capacity but can still offer 156 cups per hour.

Water Coolers struggle with hot water

Traditional coolers such as our Arctic Star 55 struggle to get any where close to this type of performance. The Arctic Star 55 has a Hot Water Boost buttion which can deliver 1.5 litres (only 9 cups) in one draw off. In practice this means that for most coolers the temperature is reasonably stable for only 6 to 8 drinks. After that the temperature will continue to drop (until it wil eventually be equal to the influent water temperature).

Our AA 4400X water cooler has a 3 litre cold tank and a 2 litre stainless steel hot tank. This is thermostatically controlled to between 87 and 92 degrees C.

Hot & Cold Water Coolers are only suitable for a few cups at a time, with a sufficient recovery time before next use. Forget water coolers as a source of boiling hot water in busy staff rooms or kitchens. They just won't cut the mustard.

kW rating of the Heating Element is the main driver of heating performance. Table Top or Undersink Boilers are generally in the range of 1.5KW to 3KW.

Contact eau coolers for more information on water boilers and water coolers.

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Water Cooler Rental Packages from Eau Coolers

Water Cooler Rental Packages from Eau Coolers

Not keen to purchase your next water cooler outright?

Unsure of what costs there may be lurking for maintenance and after sales care?

Had a bad and expensive experience with another supplier?

Why not spread the costs and eliminate the uncertanty of buying your water dispenser by renting?

Look no further for a water cooler company that can provide you with an easy to manage and easy to understand rental package.

Our rental packages include full maintenace and breakdown cover including parts and labour for the duration of your contract. This rental period is normally 36 months. At the end it's easy to upgrade, extend or return the equipment.

Talk to us - we have a wide range of water coolers and drinking fountains to suit your needs. We can supply Oasis, Cosmetal, Zerica, AA First, Spa's, the world's tougest water cooler, the Rhino, Borg & Overstrom, Heatrae Sadia, Instanta, Marco, Billi Tap's and much more.

Breeam suitable water dispensers can also be rented and our selection is the best you can find.

Choose the equipment and then we can offer a taylor made water cooler and water boiler rental service that is perfect for your place of work, office, hospital, school, university, college or home.

Our vast portfolio of drinking water equipment incorporates direct chill and reservoir type mains fed water coolers and boilers, bottled water coolers and under sink systems.

Mains fed and bottled water coolers provide many different variations of drinking water - dispensing chilled still or fizzy water, or chilled, hot and ambient (room temperature) and our wall, table top or under sink boilers providing cup after cup after cup of boiling hot drinking water for the busiest of offices or locations.

Our main office is based in Bordon, Hampshire but for mains-fed water coolers and boilers we cover most parts of the UK.

As a Family run business we strive to deliver the best possible customer service with out short cuts. We love water - pure and simple!

And by renting your water cooler it's as pure and simple as it gets!

These days, as we have said, the choice is vast so please talk to one of our team to help you decide on which type of drinking water system would be best for you and your environment. Ring 01420 488600 now or contact us here.

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Preventable scale damage on hot drinks boilers


Scale damage in hot drinks boilers

Large parts of the UK suffer from the negative effect of hard water.

Scale build up in popular hot drinks boilers such as Instanta, Heatrae Sadia, Marco and Zip looks horrible and the lime scale deposits can have a large detrimental effect on the efficency of your electric boiler and the taste of your drinking water.

It is important to know that no boiler manufacturer will provide any warranty cover when it comes to boiler failing due to scale damage.

Hard water itself is not a health problem for humans but for water boilers it has other, less wanted side effects.

Why does that happen?  

Well, typically, if untreated, hard water when heated over 55 degrees centigrade, the dissolved minerals will soldify as moisture evaporates.

These solidified minerals are what limescale is made of. If you live in a hard water area Lime scale represents a serious problem in the life of your hot drinks boiler.

This will certainly make your hot drinks boiler much less energy efficient and if left untreated the scale can lead to elements burning them selves out much quicker than normal. 

Preventative maintenance that includes regular service visits and regular filter changes can have a tremendous benifical effect on the taste of your hot drinking water for teas and coffees etc and extend the life of your hot drinks boiler and equipment.

Remember the old adage that says 'Prevention is much better than cure.'

We offer flexible service care packages for purchased boilers or why not consider renting one of our boilers which includes full service and breakdown cover.

Contact our service team to find out more on what we can offer.

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Summer Madness Sous Vide Sale!!

Instanta Sous Vide SV38

Instanta Sous Vide SV38 Special offer £699 + vat

Instanta have well over 50 years of expertise in hot water technology. They have developed the Sous Vide water bath in consultation with award winning chefs.

Sous Vide (French for "under vacuum") is a clever culinary technique of cooking in which food is vacuum sealed in a plastic pouch and then placed in a water bath for much longer than normal cooking time.

The intent is to cook the item more evenly, retaining moisture and without over cooking. This method is now very popular in many professional kitchens.

The Instanta SV38 is a brilliant water bath and can accuarately regulate the cooking temperature ensuring great results everytime.  

Contact us now for more information on this amazing special offer!!

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Vote for Eau Coolers!

This election look to vote only for the coolest party

No need to go to your polling station to vote for eau coolers!

Our Conservative looking water coolers will save your budget a fortune. Yes Prime Minister, it is true! eau coolers are great.

We will not Labour on about our coolers in our coolest manifesto yet - our key promises and key priorities are same.

We take a Liberal approach - to be generous and helpful with our customers in the provision of a well tried and trusted brand of water coolers and drinking foutains to save you time and money.

To buy a water cooler or water chiller at a SNiP of a price anywhere in the UKip either in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland give us a ring for free advice and help on 01420 488600

Our water coolers and drinking fountains will make you more Green and kinder to the environment and help save the worlds resources.

We like to think we are being Politically Correct when we say Drink More Water every day!

Why not give us a ring? After all we are not raving monster loonies!

E - Exciting new machines
L - Love your body and drink plenty of water
E - Everyone should drink more water
C - Call us for free trial details now
T - Time your drinking evenly through the day
I - Insist you only drink the best water possible!
O - Only drink the best water possible
N - New you with plenty of water

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Water Coolers for Schools

"What type of water cooler should my school be using?"

My answer to that simple question would normally always be "A POU of course"

You might ask "What is a POU water cooler?" 

Let me explain. A POU water is a Point of Use Water Cooler - a term now widely used for water coolers that are plumbed directly into the mains or potable water supply.

They do not require large, heavy combersome 19 litre bottles to function. (The lifting and carrying of these large bottles can be a serious Heath and Safety issue)

The POU water cooler is by far the best choice for satisfying thirsty pupils in school at any time of the year, especially on a hot day or in a stuffy centraly heated environment.

They have so many advantages and benifits when compared to bottled water coolers. I would say bottled water coolers do have their uses and advantages but they should never be considered when a POU can be utilised.

The health benifits of drinking good wholesome chilled water is well documented and should not be underestimated. It is well known that in schools good hydration helps reduce irritability, tiredness and increases concentration - now pay attention! But seriously - it leads to a more productive learning and less stressful environment.

Where should POU water coolers be located?

Coolers should always be located in areas that offer easy pupil access, offer easy maintance and should be in a supervised areas. Avoid door ways, fire exits, narrow corridors, any sunlit areas, and do not place around plants displays. They should never be located in IT Departments, Science Departments and most importantly toilets.

"How many coolers do we need?"

To avoid large frustrating queues within the school it is recommended that there is one suitable sturdy POU water cooler per 200 school pupils.

What cooler can I recommend?

One of my favorite coolers for this kind of environment is the Spa Plus water cooler. This cooler really is fit for purpose. It is very sturdy, very easy to use with single vandal resistant soft touch push button and is extremely robust. This makes it ideal for the vigours of every day school life.

This type of cooler is as simple and durable as possible, has no fragile or protruding pieces, it has soft touch button rather than a tap.

This type of POU cooler can be and should be wherever possible plumbed into the schools drainage system to remove excess water from the drip tray and avoid flooding

This type of cooler should only be plumbed into a mains potable water supply and not to a water storage tank system.

This type of water cooler has a sufficent space under the dispensing spout large enough to fill a bottle.

The addition of a water filter is always recommended to improve the quality and taste of the chilled drinking water.

Depending on the location it can be connected to drain, and can be secured to wall using full length cowling / wall bracket system. This also hides all the incoming water and electrical services coming in to the back of the cooler. This is a very practicle and sensible option in schools.

A full length cowling increases the safety factor and reduces the chances of vandalisim. Tamper proof fixings for these coolers can also be chosen at the time of ordering.

The Spa water cooler is available in attractive Black or Brushed Stainless finishes.

From eau coolers you have the choice to either purchase the water cooler outright and pay for any subsequent servicing and maintenace required or rent the cooler with a pre agreed service package. I think renting is by far the best option because this includes regular maintenance, filter change (if fitted), sanitisation / cleaning.

It is alway preferred that we visit the school site to discuss with teachers and /or caterers their requirements: the number of POU coolers required; where the POU coolers should be positioned, based on the schools individual requirements, the whereabouts of mains water supply and drainage;

For large school dining halls we recommend either looking at our Sodastream Professional or Cosmetal Niagara fountains.

Contact eau coolers to arrange a site visit to discuss internal chilled water options and external drinking water options.


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AA 1100 Jazz POU water cooler


The AA 1100 Jazz water cooler is designed with reliability in mind, with bags of style and attitude. It is a very hard wearing, tough, stylish water cooler that hits all the right notes.

The design is well proven and is available as a floor standing or table top water cooler.

The taps are of the reliable manual type. Very simple, tough, efficient and easy to use. This cooler is particularly suitable for tougher environments such as schools, colleges, busy public areas and factories. The chilled and hot water cooler version has a safety lock fitted to the hot dispense tap.

The cooler has a removable spring loaded lower front panel. This gives easy access to the filter system compartment. This is great for regular service work. We can supply water filters for these coolers. The type of water filter required will depend on the water quality.

Each AA 1100 Jazz water cooler is correct for 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz supply. Provided with a 3 pin plug and 180cm length power cord.

This water cooler can also be offered with a conversion kit to be used as a bottled water cooler.

The 1100 Jazz refrigeration system comprises of a quiet, air cooled static type condenser. No fan is required. This is protected against motor overload. Each unit is hermetically sealed and uses 134a refigerant.

The cooling system is thermostatically controlled to 4C - 12C. This unit is not a direct chill type and has a stainless steel 3 litre cold water tank.

The hot version has a 2 litre stainless steel tank. Thermostatically controlled to between 87 and 92 degrees C. These coolers are not as hot as a 'stand alone' hot drinks boiler but are suitable for a small number of users where boiling hot water is not required. Easily accessible hot water drain tank at the back of cooler to aid service calls.

Dimensions of the floor standing POU (plumbed in) 1100 Jazz water cooler is as follows: Height 1015 mm Width 340 mm Depth 335 mm

Dimensions of the table top POU (plumbed in) 1100 Jazz water cooler is Height 550 mm Width 340 mm Depth 335 mm

To aid security on the 1100 Jazz water cooler, simple low cost wall securing brackets are available.

My verdict

This water cooler is WRAS approved and meets the environmental standard of RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) has years of proven reliability behind it. Colour options are really limited as it is only available in Non scracth Ivory livery.

However this cooler only requires minimal servicing and offers high reliability.

Check out and compare the AA 1100 Jazz with other coolers in our range by following this simple link...

Alternatively use our simple Contact Us form to ask for more details or free trial of this outstanding water dispenser.

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Borg & Overstrom B4 Water Cooler

Borg & Overstrom B4 Water Cooler
The B4 water cooler has been designed for the ultimate flexibility.

The Borg B4 water cooler is designed to be plumbed directly to the mains (potable water) supply. When fitting we advise it is always fitted with one of our recommended water filters. This will remove any bad tastes and odours that may be in the water supply and encourages users to drink more water.

This Borg & Overstrom B4 model is not currently available as a bottled water cooler.

The B4 is available in 4 table top versions - any of these will combine with the Borg B4 base unit to give the option of a floor standing variant.

The dispense height of the floor standing version is 800mm from the floor and the table top is 255mm from the work top.

Currently Borg and Overstom only produce the B4 model in direct chill versions.

Depending on the model type the B4 can dispense ice chilled and ambient, ice chilled and hot, ice chilled still and sparkling, ice chilled still plus sparkling and hot drinking water.B4 floor standing cooler

Key features

Direct chill only - sealed water supply for ultimate hygiene
Touch panel controls
Auto lit dispense area
Integrated cup dispenser
Shrouded faucet taps for hygenic protection
Child proof tap on hot versions
Temperature control
Sparkling water option
Can be connected to waste drainage or waste can with level sensor and alarm
BREEAM adaptable with rear cover kit - locks unit to wall and floor
Ultra Violet (UV) filter option which kills 99.99% of water borne bacteria

My verdict

A slick and dependable plumbed in (POU) direct chill water cooler with some great features.

With the addition of a water filtration system the B4 dispenses superb tasting drinking water and encouages you to drink more.

Two of the B4 models also offer you the option of chilled sparkling water. For more sparkling water coolers follow this link...

Equally at home in offices, education, hospitality, leisure, healthcare or home.

For more details of the B4 and other styles of plumbed in water cooler follow this link...
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Borg & Overstrom B3 Water Cooler

Borg & Overstrom B3 Water Cooler

The design team at Borg & Overstrom say that this water cooler is a reimagined classic.

These Borg water cooler boffins have built on from the strong foundations set by the earlier B2 range of water coolers and the B3 boasts some additional neat features over the B2 cooler.

These include a larger dispense area, integrated cup dispenser and the option of adding chilled sparkling water.

The B3 water cooler is designed to be plumbed directly to the mains (potable water) supply.

When fitting we advise it is always fitted with one of our recommended water filters. This will remove any bad tastes and odours that may be in the water supply and encourage you to drink more water.

It is not currently available as a bottled water cooler.

The B3 is available in floor standing or counter top versions.

The dispense height of the floor standing version is 800mm from the floor and the table top is 210mm from the work top.

The B3 can be ordered in direct chill or reservoir versions and depending on the variant can dispense ice chilled and ambient, ice chilled still, ice chilled sparkling and ambient or ice chilled and hot drinking water.Borg Overstrom B3 Elite water cooler

Key features

Touch panel controls
Auto lit dispense area
Integrated cup dispenser
Shrouded faucet taps for hygenic protection
Child proof tap on hot versions
Temperature control
Sparkling water option
Can be connected to waste drainage or waste can with level sensor and alarm
BREEAM adaptable

My verdict

A totally adaptable and dependable plumbed in (POU) water cooler with some neat features and a choice of direct chill or reservoir chill systems.

With the addition of a water filtration system the B3 dispenses superb tasting drinking water and encourages you to drink more. We think this is a good thing.

Two of the direct chill floor standing models also offer the option of chilled sparkling water. For more choices of sparkling water coolers follow this link...

Equally at home in offices, education, hospitality, leisure, healthcare or home.

For more details of the B3 and other styles of plumbed in water coolers follow this link...

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Borg & Overstrom f4 chilled drinking fountain

Borg & Overstrom f4 chilled drinking fountain
To quote Borg & Overstrom 'The f4 chilled drinking fountain is Robust and Simplistic' - the f4 is designed to merge style and functionality, bringing about a sturdy and timeless drinking solution to any environment.

The Borg & Overstrom story began with a belief; that water is the ultimate tool for creativity, productivity and health. The f4 chilled drinking fountain certainly helps with the fulfilment of that dream....
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Borg & Overstrom B2 Classic Cooler

Borg & Overstrom B2 Classic Cooler
This model was first introduced into the UK market place as the Borg & Overstrom Classic water cooler.

It has recently been re-branded by Borg and Overstrom to be known as the B2 water cooler. I still think of it as the 'Classic' water cooler - a very well established Classic.

Borg say that the strength of this range lies in its reliability and it's simplistic design. I agree - to my mind this water cooler just looks "right" and is a firm favorite for all users.

The B2 water cooler is available in floor standing or counter top versions. The dispense height of the floor standing version is 770mm and for the table top version 185mm.

The B2 is available as direct chill or reservoir and can be offered to dispense ice chilled and ambient or ice chilled and hot drinking water.

Key features

Simple to use and simple to maintain
Generous filter compartment
Child proof tap on hot versions
Temperature control
Robust, precision build quality
Beautiful design
Can be connected to waste drainage or waste can with level sensor and alarm
Bolts to wall and floor to help meet BREEAM
Can be converted to Bottled water cooler. Please ask for more details.
115 volt versions available POA
B2 sleek cup dispenser

My verdict

As a professional mains fed water cooler what more could you want? It looks good, it is very economical to run, a breeze to service and maintain, very reliable and is available in many variants to suit most office situations.

Equally at home in offices, education, hospitality, leisure, healthcare or home.

For more details of the B2 and other styles of plumbed in water cooler follow this link.
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B5 water cooler Hydration Station

B5 water cooler Hydration Station

Borg & Overstrom B5 Hydration Station

Water cooler manufacturers Borg & Overstrom boast that their B5 water cooler is like no other water dispenser on the market today.

It looks great on paper and the real thing is not too naff either. Are they correct in their assumption?

Is it the coolest thing since sliced bread? Or should I say the coolest thing since bottled water?

Lets have a look!

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Why you should invest in a Sparkling Billi

Eco & Quadra Sparkling Billi tap

We think the Billi Sparkling system is the ultimate drinking water appliance which delivers boiling, chilled and now professional sparkling filtered water instantly. For meeting rooms in busy offices it offers all you could need.

It delivers to you the following benefits:

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Low water pressure problems affecting your plumbed in water cooler?

Low mains pressure affecting your water coolers? Talk to us at eau coolers now!

Booster pump handleSome water coolers, predominately the direct chill type, suffer badly when they are fed from low main water pressure. Flow rates from these machines and drinking fountains can drive you to drink.

They need a good mains water pressure to work effectively. Boosting your low mains pressure is relatively easy.

We can supply a self contained, easy to handle and fully automatic pressure boost pump unit.

The unit consists of a high performance Aquatec diaphragm pump with integrated pressure switch.
The pump operates automatically to boost pressure to attached equipment, giving a maximum line pressure of 4 bar.

The pressure switch ensures it only activates on demand, and when pressure drops below 2.5 bar. It will deliver a flow rate in the range of 3 - 5 litres per minute.

The unit is CE marked.

Unit can also be fitted with 12v or 24v DC motor for use on boats, caravans or anywhere mains voltage is not available.

  • Easy to handle, easy to use
  • Light-weight plastic case
  • Illuminated on off switch
  • Integrated carrying handle
  • 3/8" external push-fit connectors
  • 2 metre 13 amp sealed lead as standard.
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The FIZZ Water Cooler

The sparkling, bubbly FIZZ Cooler!

eau 4400X Fizz CoolerOur new 4400 FIZZ sparkling water cooler does have plenty of great features and benefits if you are looking at adding some sparkle and bite to your drinking water.

Firstly, what we like about this sleek model is that it is available either as a floor standing or table top version.

The drip tray is designed to be a simple lift out type but this can be easily supplied to connect to mains waste drainage.

The taps are a simple, efficient and easy to use solenoid taps for ambient, chilled and carbonated drinks.

The cooler has a removable lower front panel. This is spring loaded and this gives easy access

to the filter and CO2 cylinder. This is great for service work or when a change of gas cylinder is required.


The carbonation unit on the 4400 FIZZ makes each drink separately with no premix. This ensures a good carbonation level in every drink for each user. Just press the FIZZ button and hear the CO2 being injected into the water and then dispensed into your cup.

Then enjoy the refreshingly cold water with bite!

Gas Regulator

A gas regulator is supplied with the 4400 FIZZ cooler. It fits commercially available food grade "one way" 600 gram CO2 cylinders. For large users of gas we recommend the use of 3.15Kg cylinders. These cylinders require a different type of twin gauge CO2 regulator. Ask us for more details.

The floor standing cooler has an intergral cup holder which can take either 7 and 9oz plastic cups.

Each cooler is correct for 220 - 240V 50/60Hz supply. Provided with a 3 pin plug and 180cm power cord.

The refrigeration system comprises of a quiet, air cooled static type condenser. No fan is required. This is protected against motor overload. each unit is hermetically sealed and uses 134a refigerant.

The cooling system is thermostatically controlled to 4C - 12C. This unit is not direct chill and has a stainless steel 3 litre cold water tank.

 To look at other coolers that can offer you sparkle just follow this link...... 

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Multi-purpose drinking fountain with bottle filling station

New in for 2016!!


GW_SS_drinking_fountain_and_BottleSuperb multi-purpose drinking fountain with bottle filling station


This unit is ideal for schools, universities and colleges and can be used indoors and outdoors when proper precautions are observed. Fitted with heavy duty bubbler valve and bottle filling station.


What we love

 This drinking fountain offers a great combination for thirsty students and pupils. They can drink from the heavy duty bubbler valve found on the top of the fountain or simply fill their drinking water bottles through the front access panel.


The fountain is hygienic, robust and

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Stay cool and carry on with the DRY Kitchen Cooler

Our DRY125 Kitchen Cooler model is carefully manufactured here in the UK and is aimed at the domestic CHILLED DRINKING WATER market. It can be easily fitted to an existing under sink filtration system or supplied complete with it's own smart filter technology hardware.

It is cleverly designed to be fitted into the kitchen cupboard, ideally below the sink close to both mains water and electrical supplies.The cooler is supplied with an air inlet duct that is fitted to a vent placed in the kick-board at the front of the cupboard.This allows cool air to be drawn into the cupboard and warm air produced by the cooler to be blown out through the rear panel. This is the only under sink chiller we have that is supplied with its own ventilation system.

We say this product has been carefully thought out and solves one of the biggest problems faced when fitting an under sink cooling system - lack of ventilation! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

For more information on this gem of a system please ring and ask for our Customer Services department on 01420 488600.

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Franke, the wonder tap!

I love the Franke range of Filterflow taps. When you decide that filtered drinking water is required in your kitchen, please, look no further! Surely there is no more inteligent way of doing it?

Franke IS the 3 way tap. It is a fantastic, well known brand, tried and trusted with a very good pedigree. They are the cat's pajamas, the bee's knees, the dog's bolloc...........

Yes, they are a little more expensive than some of the cheaper imported taps that you may find, but they are real quality. They are fully guaranteed and are supported nationwide which means you can install these taps with real confidence.

Franke tap choicesPerfect for the domestic kitchen set up. Allowing hot, cold and filtered water to be dispensed easily from a beautifully designed tap.

There is also the added benift that if you add a small efficient under sink chiller unit the filtered water is then dispensed delicously cold.

This keeps the fridge clear of unnecessary water bottles! Kick the bottle habit!!

This is the senisble way when designing your kitchen as no other tap hard ware is needed to clutter up the kitchen sink top.

Franke taps are supplied with all the necessary parts and fittings required for installation.

The Filterflow taps are manufactured for the UK market and they are suitable for use with vented and non vented systems.

If you are looking for style and class then look no further than the Franke Filterflo tap. Your friends will be envious of such simple, elegant luxury in your kitchen.

Franke Filterflow styles currently include Corinthian, Olympus, Doric and Kubus. Two choices of finish is available ~ Chrome or Silksteel.

Please ask for current special offers when ordering your Franke filterflow tap from eau coolers. Just give Customer Services a ring on 01420 488600.
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Watering down Rome's Invisible City

Rome's Invisible City

Last night I watched some really adsorbing television. Alexander Armstrong, presenter from Pointless joined up with Dr Michael Scott to explore the hidden underground treasures that made Rome (his favorite city) the powerhouse and wonder of the ancient world.

They uncovered the lost subterranean world that helped build and run the world's first metropolis and it's empire.

They went from the underground world of that theatre of death, the Colosseum to the aqueducts and sewers that supplied and cleansed Rome and it's peoples.

Aqueducts moved water through gravity alone within conduits of stone, brick or concrete with the help of lead, ceramic or stone pipes.

Now researchers are saying that the water provided by the famous aqueducts may have been contaminated with up to 100 times more lead than found in local spring water.

I wonder if any of the Roman bottled water companies knew of those statistics?

Finally the Victrians thought they were clever when they built the sewers underneath the City of London. The engineers in Rome beat them to it by a mere 2,000 years.

Awesome stuff!!

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Water Cooler Maintenance, Water Cooler Repairs, Water Cooler Servicing

Water Cooler Maintenance, Water Cooler repairs, Water cooler servicing.

We are proud at eau coolers to have just celebrated 20 years in business. We are a family run business, we love water pure and simple. We also love our water coolers. We maintain our coolers with proper care, love and attention. We would also love to look after yours in the same way.


Water Cooler Maintenance

We offer in depth water cooler maintenace and service packages and service packages for all types of plumbed in water coolers, bottled water coolers, drinking water fountains, hot drinks boilers, under sink chillers and water filter systems.

Water Cooler Spares

We can provide new replacement parts and spares for all makes of water dispensers.These can often be difficult to identify and replace.

Water Cooler Installations

We can also help with the moving and installation of water coolers to new locations, replace existing plastic pipe runs, pressure limiting valves and push fits. We can service, de-scale, remove and fit existing hot drinks water boilers into new locations.

We can offer exciting new style vandal proof glass filler taps and bubbler taps with unprecidented 5 year warranty to replace normal drinking fountain bubblers and glass fillers.

Spare parts and accessories can be provided for you to arrange the service work or we recommend we undertake this service work for you.

Bottled water coolers often suffer from heavy scale build up during use and this can be very troublesome to elminate. If you own your bottled cooler We can do this for you offsite.

Please contact our Customer Service department for free help and technical advice or visit our Water Cooler Maintenance and Service pages here.

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Spooky hot deals for Halloween

It's getting spookily cold now and crisp underfoot as Halloween approches and we have some
scarily low prices on our invigorating range of hot drinks dispensers.

These spell binding products are magically produced by the wizards at Instanta, Marco, Billi and Quooker. We have a wide range of wall mounted, table top, undersink or under bench enchanted models to suit your requirements.

We dare you to check out the range starting here.

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Delicious chilled drinking water!

Delicious chilled drinking water!

Summer may be drawing to a close but it's still hot out there. Treat yourself and staff to some delicious chilled drinking water. Ask our sales team to show you the best way to obtain the right sort of water for you. Chilled still, sparkling or boiling hot. Domestic to large commercial applications. Don't be dry and don't be shy, give us a try! For a taste of our coolers click here.

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