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Billi Tap Quadra Plus 9 & Quadra Plus 15 

Billi Tap Plus systems. Boiling hot & ice chilled systems plus hot water to the kitchen sink mixer tap. 

This innovative system only needs connection to a cold potable (mains fed) drinking water supply. This is ideal when no existing hot water system is available to you. Billi Quality Guarantee Seal

If you want instant boiling hot drinking water, ice chilled drinking water plus 'normal' temperature water delivered through your kitchen sink mixer style tap then look no further than the Billi Qudra Plus system. 

How does it work? One Billi tap delivers boiling hot and chilled filtered drinking water and the Billi Quadra mixer tap handles your required hot and ambient temperature cold water. The Billi Mixer tap cleverly takes hot water at 50 degrees centigrade from the Billi system leaving the Billi tap itself to deliver instant boiling hot drinking water and ice chilled drinking water. 

The Quadra Plus systems harness the advantages of all the normal Billi Tap benefits plus lots more besides. Billi Tap Quadra Plus Mixer

There are advantages a plenty: There is no waiting around in the kitchen or breakout area waiting for the kettle to boil. You have instant tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soups and pasta at your finger tips. The proven safety features on the Billi tap ensures peace of mind at all times. 

There is no need for you to provide expensive bottled water - chilled filtered drinking water is freely available on tap. 

The Billi Mixer tap safely handles in helping to prepare vegetables, rinsing cups, glasses and washing up etc! 

The Quadra Plus 9 and the Quadra Plus 15 takes away the need for a hot water supply plumbed in at the point of use. 

The Quadra Plus Sparkling offers chilled sparkling water as well as chilled still water.

The Billi Quadra Plus system is the perfect way to provide plenty of hot water at the sink along side the Billi Tap of your choice. Choose between the Billi Standard Mixer or the Billi Gooseneck Mixer. 

As with our other drinking water appliances, the entire Billi Boiling and Chilled Quadra range is covered by a comprehensive 12 month warranty. 

To explore the Billi Tap Boiling and Chilled range further simply just click on the link here to contact us. 

All Quadra Plus systems also include an energy saving standby mode that can be selected to activate after a preset time of non use, enabling partial power down to conserve power. 

Eco intelligence. The Billi Eco systems incorporate new software technology that automatically allows the unit to only operate when required. The technology monitors daily usage patterns, even recognising evening and weekend changes, which means very effective minimization of energy consumption. 

Under bench and under counter technology. 

Space saving. With a design focus on space saving the Billi Boiling and Chilled systems are often half the size of comparative underbench products, allowing you to make the most of the available area. The Eco sets a new standard for space saving at an amazing 180mm wide. 

No cupboard Ventilation. No cupboard ventilation grilles or fans are required for the Billi standard Quadra water cooled range or the Eco model. This leaves your kitchen cabinets looking much cleaner and also allows for easier and simpler installation. 

Adjustable chilled water. The Chilled water temperature can be adjusted between 6 and 15 degrees Celsius to suit the application and users taste. 

Premium filtration. Billi’s premium filters ensure that health threatening pollutants and impurities such as sediment, chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides are removed leaving you with refreshingly clean drinking water, every time. The Billi Tap filter cartridges are exceptionally easy to change and can be ordered via our help desk.

Billi Tap Quadra Plus shown installed

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